• A.R.C.H.E.R. & the Mystery of the Missing Color (still)

    23 min, dual screen digital film
      |  2015

  • The Mystery of the Missing Color (exhibition view)

    mixed materials
      |  2015

  • Abbesses of the Abyss Galacticaly Align

    wood, paint, cloth, false eyelashes, pom poms
    9'x9'x9'  |  2015

  • Wise Wound (still)

    digital film
      |  2015

  • Scryscraper Souls (White, Yellow & Green)

    wood, mirror film, obsidian sphere, vinyl, paint
      |  2015

  • Scryscraper Souls (detail of Yellow interior)

      |  2015

  • Crystals Are a Girl's Best Friend

    ink & colored pencil on paper
    24"x18"  |  2015

  • Archnemesis of the Anticlimax (installation view)

    23 min digital film
      |  2014

  • The Mystery of the Missing Color

    digital film still
      |  2015


Memphis, TN | Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Drawing, Time-based, Sound, Installation

Emily C. Thomas is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Memphis, Amsterdam, and California. Born and raised in Memphis, she received her BFA from New York University and her MFA from UC Santa Barbara. She enjoys animals, reading, investigating mysteries, and exploring the symbolic construction of reality.

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My art practice revolves around materializing visionary states of consciousness using installation, animation, film, sculpture, painting, photography, and sound in order to fabricate self-reflecting worlds of initiatory experience.

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