Unrequited Leisure / 507 Hagan St. Nashville, TN 37203 August 1, 2020 - August 31, 2020

Omari Booker, Dorse Brown, Elisheba Israel Mrozik, Aaron Mrozik 

Unrequited Leisure is excited to host guest curator Omari Booker as he presents What Could Happen, a selection of video works by dancer and choreographer Dorse Brown and visual artists Elisheba Israel Mrozik & Aaron Mrozik which utilize the mediums of dance, performance, installation, and sound to thematically investigate historical trauma while challenging racial stereotypes and creating space for future possibilities.

Please join us August 1st at 6pm at our website unrequitedleisure.com for the premier of this online exhibition featuring an interview with Omari in his studio.

Booker’s Curatorial Statement:

I feel that it is hugely important to investigate the history that created our current circumstances, and I reflect on the words of Orlando Bishop, lecturer, healer, and spiritual teacher who said, “History is not only what happened, but what could have happened and didn’t, because we weren’t willing,” and I contemplate this idea from many possible angles within the works I selected.

About the Exhibition:
What Could Happen provides me an opportunity to interrogate the past and make a statement that has the power to enact change. If the black male body had not been vilified, what could have happened? If racist comments had been challenged, what could have happened? If we dealt with the discomfort of integration rather than segregating by other means, what could have happened?