COOP Gallery / 507 Hagan St. May 17 - 28th

Nija Woods

COOP is pleased to present Nija Woods’ Processing Grief: Journey Through the Labyrinth pop up exhibition. Grief is a complex journey, akin to navigating a labyrinth where emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations intertwine. Individuals process grief in unique ways, experiencing a range of emotions. These reactions can evolve over time, presenting ongoing challenges as one adjusts to life changes and copes with the absence of what's been lost. Societal norms and cultural expectations further shape how grief is expressed and perceived.

This marks Wood’s second major immersive art installation. Joining Woods at the opening reception are special guest speakers Courtney A. Clardy, LMSW, Spiritual and Mental Wellness Coach and Consultant, Former Therapist and Pashan DShields, Founder of The Klubhouse, a nonprofit offering grief counseling support to school-aged youth and their families. Additionally, award-winning artist, producer, and entrepreneur Derek Minor’s chart-topping track “It’s OK” from his latest album, Nobody's Perfect, will play throughout, enhancing the overall experience. Learn more about Woods at https://creatifmoiarts.com.