Modfellows Art Gallery / 3655 Trousdale Dr., Suite C August 21, 2021 - September 25, 2021

K.J. Schumacher, Wendy Walker Silverman, Richard Feaster, Aaron Worley

In Abstracto brings together the talents of K.J. Schumacher, Wendy Walker Silverman, Richard Feaster and Aaron Worley. The task of abstraction brings with it a natural sense of impulsiveness. That is to say, mark making which is not overly articulated. Colors which give the impression of place, shapes that hint at the fusion of memories: these are some of abstraction's ambitions. The works selected for In Abstracto are infused with a love of process. Abstraction is a distillation of the formal qualities which make up all images, and mark-making is valued for its inherent elegance and gestural qualities, as opposed to its ability to accurately depict the natural world. Silverman deftly employs color and texture to explore everything from folklore to sensory experience. Shocks of solid red cut across simmering umbers or collide with a wall of black. The effect is arresting. Conversely, Worley captures the frenetic energy of a boxer by capitalizing on pastel’s natural tendency to blur. The works selected for In Abstracto honor the importance of timing while simultaneously collapsing it into one static image. Feaster embraces this kind of spontaneity, allowing one choice to inform the next. He expresses a particular interest in the material qualities of paint, how the right invocation might cause it to settle into metallic milk skins. Schumacher's new work positions moments of electric buzz against the total silence of white: a volatile nature temporarily tamed by the rhythmic imposition of geometry.

*Wendy Walker Silverman is represented by Tinney Contemporary
**Richard Feaster is represented by Zeitgeist Gallery