The Red Arrow Gallery / 919 GALLATIN AVE. , SUITE #4 November 4, 2023 - November 25, 2023

Lindsy Davis

Red Arrow is proud to present, Deconstructing Dogmatic Domesticity. A solo exhibition from Lindsy Davis featuring a selection of new large-scale sculptures and paintings and continuing her exploration of perception and form.

Idealizations of domesticity come from nurture, overtime. How we view our surroundings, their function and appearance, has coagulated parallel to our perpetual state of adaptation. This series is my response to reexamining what modern domesticity looks like while questioning its necessity in function.

Redundant movements daily, for upkeep. We tick off the “to-do” list like what we are accomplishing brings us somewhere closer, closer to what?

We let the junk drawer pile up, but at least the dishes are done, for now.

The materials I use come charged with their own functions. Concrete and wood are rigid, heavy, and hold weight, used to build, and provide while also anchoring into place what we hold value in. I pair these materials to create shapes normally associated with domestic function (utensils, bags, etc.) and in doing that I find a balance of play. No soup will fill the spoon, no food will be impaled with the fork and no remnants will remain in the bag.

While striking a balance of finding amusement in the daily routines via objective shapes, I thought more into the routines we do not have control over. Most specifically, the repetition of breath.

The stability of any routine is held steady by the delicate balance that maintains the capacity for the routine. By challenging my own capacity for patience, I found that breath is the bed rock through it. The works, Balance: Cradling Womb to Tomb and Balance: Anapanasati (Mindful Breathing), indulge in that.

Is breath domestic? Is breathing on the “to-do” list?

This new body of work in “Deconstructing Dogmatic Domesticity” looks at the functions of the routines and objects we surround ourselves with. Reexamines shape associations without their inherent function and is meant to mirror the silliness and depravity we face when we allow inherent functions to outweigh meaning. (IE a bag can hold so much, but does it have to?) – Lindsy Davis, Exhibition Statement

Image: Big Bag, 2023, Concrete, plaster enamel, flashe, wood