L Ross Gallery / 5040 Sanderlin Ave., Ste. 104 October 5, 2016 - October 29, 2016

Cathy Lancaster

"This body of work has grown out of my recent exploratory period of surface pattern design. I began creating patterns from my paintings & was able to print on a variety of custom products. Custom party tables, wallpapers, pillows, phone cases, Moleskines... It's been a period of obsessive pattern making for me as I have created over 1500 patterns in the past year. I was able to pitch my textile designs to one of the top textile company's creative directors last winter. All that creative force stayed connected to my paintings and the experimentation has excited me more than ever to discover everything I can about color, shape, pattern, line and scale. I have added a new dimension to my work by experimenting with collage. It's the first time I have brought hardly any element of texture to my paintings. I find, I can be more deliberate with chosen shapes as I am able to more easily play with placement and scale without altering my paintings until final decisions are made. Playing with pattern design has pushed me to not abandon my intuitive process, but stretch me to hold the colors and scale in my mind as an ever present influence." - Cathy Lancaster