The Emporium Center / 100 S. Gay St. April 5, 2019 - April 26, 2019

Emily Doane, Melissa Everett, Ashley Beals Pace, Sarah Shebaro, Megan Stair, Coral Grace Turner

Yardage is defined as a distance or length measured in yards, but more casually refers to an amount of material to be used for making something, most commonly fabric or textiles. In this exhibition, six artists, coming from different disciplines and training, each create their own yardage using techniques such as screen printing, digital printing, shibori, and resist.

The development of pattern can be perfected with computer design and digital printing processes or be the framework through which hand printed or resisted fabrics are inherently one of a kind. All of them, examples of surface design, are able to be transformed into a variety of objects. In this exhibition, there will be both yardage and objects made with yardage designed by the artists.