Stove Works / 1250 E 13th St. February 17, 2023 - May 12, 2023

Worst of all, I am ashamed of being alone. Or is it my loneliness that I am ashamed of? I have closed the shutters so that no one can see. Me. Alone. Sitting at the typewriter on Easter Eve, brooding; alone. Upstairs I will keep the drapes drawn. No one must know these hurts. Why? I shall wash my hair. It is helping my skin. I shall be beautiful this time next year; long hair and clean skin. And I shall still be lonely. On Easter eve. At the typewriter…

Lorraine Hansberry, 1962 (excerpt from To Be Young, Gifted, and Black)

And I Shall Still Be Lonely is a collective meditation and dialogue of artists’ relationships with solitude, isolation, and the creative process. Inspired by the writings and life of playwright, artist, and activist Lorraine Hansberry, the exhibition and its companion zine feature the voices of artists conversing with Hansberry’s reflections as they resonate in the present. Through engaging and re-imagining text, artists will also explore our relationships to loneliness in our historical, social, and technological contexts.

Image: Sean G. Clark, “Tend”, 2021, acrylic, oil pastel on matte board, 32 x 40in