• #thoughtsandprayers

    2017-present — 55-gallon steel drum, audio collage, continuous loop
    22.5" diam. x 33.5"

  • plate 13 (Conflicted series)

    2016-present — laser etching on strathmore
    6.5" x 3.5"

  • Wailing Wall

    wood, black plexiglass, speakers, 24-channel audio collage, randomized continuous loop
    120" x 144"  |  2017

  • False Promise

    children’s life jacket, audio collage; 4:36
    17" x 8" x 2"  |  2016

  • Spill (gallery version)

    installation, sound, performance for {Re}Happening, Black Mountain College Museum https://soundcloud.com/michael-dickins/spill-short
    4:26  |  2014

  • War Drums

    appropriated video / original sound score https://vimeo.com/64074100
    4:38  |  2013

  • Egypt, 2011

    woodblock ink, graphite, charcoal, oil pastel on wood panel
    48 x 48  |  2012


Clarksville, TN | Sculpture, Mixed Media, Photography, Printmaking, Drawing, Time-based, Sound, Performance, Installation, Video

Michael Dickins is an interdisciplinary artist and curator. He earned an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College and a BFA from Georgia Southern University. His work has been exhibited throughout the Southeastern U.S. as well as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Denver, Houston, San Diego, Portland; Augusta, Maine, Istanbul and Berlin. He has twice been a featured artist at {Re}Happening at Black Mountain College, and has received commissions from the Pittsburgh Playhouse and the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company for original sound score and projection design. Dickins currently lives and works in Clarksville, Tennessee and is the Director of The New Gallery and University Collections at Austin Peay State University.

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Dickins' artistic practice consists of visual and sound work. His visual work takes the form of drawing, printmaking, and installations that are layered, textured and derived from found imagery such as found photographs and video stills. Much of his current imagery focuses on social and political commentary.

Dickins’ interest in sound work has shifted to political rhetoric as a study of the power that speech and speech patterns have in manipulating society. He uses the text of speeches to formulate systematic structures in which to manipulate the intended message, either through sound scores or audio collage.

His role as a curator in a university setting is to provide diverse programming that is visually appealing, physically engaging and intellectually challenging to the university and surrounding communities. "As a gallery director, it is my privilege to provide a safe space for artists to experiment with their craft, engage with the public, and participate in a dialogue on issues of social, cultural and political identity that is welcoming and accessible to the public.”

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