• (still) Typologies of Whiteness: The Great White Hope

    digital video
      |  2018

  • (still) Typologies of Whiteness: White People Love Police

    digital video
      |  2017

  • (still) Typologies of Whiteness: White men Cover Robert Johnson’s ‘Hellhound on my Trail’

    digital video
      |  2016

  • Communist Manifestos (Bookshelf)

      |  2016

  • There is a Dangerous Dynamic in the Night

      |  2015

  • XOXO: Love Letters to Our Friends, Hate Mail to our Frenemies. On Commitment and Withdrawal

      |  2014

  • (still) The Society of the Spectacle

    digital video
      |  2013


Chattanooga, TN | Mixed Media, Time-based

Heath Schultz is a research-based artist and writer. His work addresses questions of institutional critique, activism, contemporary politics, and the political efficacy of art. His writing has been published in the Lateral, Journal of Artistic Research, Parallax, and the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, in addition to various DIY publications. His work has been shown at the New Zealand Film Archive, Auckland, New Zealand; Visual Arts Center, Austin; Experimental Response Cinema, Austin; and Plains Art Museum, Fargo, ND, to name a few. He is an assistant professor of art at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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I am a research-based artist and writer addressing questions of activism, radical politics, and the political efficacy of art. My writing practice inhabits the intersections of critical theory, anti-racist theory, pedagogy, and radical politics. This practice provides a wide research base and usually works in conjunction with my creative practice, one that typically involves an intensive gathering of cultural materials that pursue a charting of ideological patterns. Using cultural material as raw material allows me to stage ideological juxtapositions, make evident how violence is an iterative process, and experiment with strategies of détournement.

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