• And Speak the Roots of Vinyl Reprise

    vinyl, acrylic, Afro oil, and resin on board
    40" x 45"  |  2020

  • Unmask ‘em

    acrylic and spray paint on board
    8’ x 12’ x 6”  |  2019

  • We Are Seeds

    acrylic on wall
    40’ x 40’  |  2018

  • Lost Homeland

    acrylic on canvas
    24” x 24”  |  2017

  • Strange Fruit

    Watercolor and acrylic ink on paper
    9” x 4”  |  2017

  • Soul Burst

    acrylic ink and tattoo ink on canvas
    24” round   |  2015

  • Maari Usio

    acrylic spray paint on wall
    20’ x 40’  |  2015

  • Rebirth of Black

    oil on canvas
    2’ x 2’  |  2011


Nashville, TN | Painting, Mixed Media, Drawing, Installation

Elisheba Israel Mrozik is a painter and International Award Winning Tattooist. She graduated from Memphis College of Art in 2006 with a BFA in Computer Arts. After moving to Nashville, TN in 2007, she began to work full time as a freelance artist in graphic design, anime, and fine art. Elisheba was a part of Nashville Black Artists Renaissance, and has shown at the Frist Art Museum, Fisk University Carl Van Vechtern Gallery, Columbia State University, The Ha Factory, Corvidae Gallery, and many others. She was a New York Comic Con artist in 2010 and has created live murals at events with the Goo Goo Dolls in Buffalo, NY. Additionally, Elisheba has also been in various music videos and commercials like Old Dominion, Budweiser, and Yelawolf.

Late 2010, she became interested in tattooing after viewing work by some world renowned artists. In 2011, Elisheba started tattooing and opened One Drop Ink Tattoo Parlour and Gallery in Nashville, TN. One Drop Ink is home to 3 professional artists, a piercer, and front of house staff. In 2019, she moved the shop to its current location next to historic Fisk University and it serves as her current tattoo studio.

One Drop Ink is an active member of the community sponsoring charitable events, teaching classes, supporting schools, and other community building endeavors. The shop is also one of the founding members of the Jefferson Street Art Crawl and North Nashville Arts Coalition. Elisheba is now an Award Wining Tattoo Artist in many categories, Indieville TV's 2015 Nashville Tattoo Artist of the Year and was an artist on the international TV show Inkmaster. She released her first coloring book titled Notable Nashville about historic marginalized people of Nashville in 2017 and released her second book, Sovereign Goddess, a collection of her drawings in 2018.

Elisheba has been focusing on her fine art in more traditional media and in 2019 was part of a group show, Murals of North Nashville, at the Frist Art Museum. Elisheba is currently in the process of creating new and significant works dealing with very personal subjects around body image, race, love, motherhood, and movement.

Elisheba specializes in realism, mixed media, and illustrative realism. She prides herself on working diligently to create art and art spaces for disenfranchised peoples, being a loving mother and devoted wife, every day.

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Basic artistic statement.

In the consciousness of the diaspora, an incommensurable beauty and it’s perception persists. Pulchritude, it’s compounding intrinsic value, weighed only as great as it’s longing for an identity in the social archetype of modernity. The multifarious color, Black, and it’s consequence, a trajectory of a people held in commonwealth by flesh. Within this orbit, like pulsars, my artistic vision which brings the cry of Blackness, the sagacious beauty within, and vociferation for the silenced, through art. My work is a connection to myself and my own missing identity within history’s pages, where I, the Black woman, boldly redefine the ideas that surround those simple words, through a wide range of mediums and materials to effectively reach the masses.

I believe on the precipice of imagination, lies our ability to live without stereo-types and their binding conformation; where originality is standardized and a history defined by its makers, contriturates the aristocracy and elistists attempting to delineate who “We the People” are. My work consistently serves as a voice for the community of the underserved, whether that be in subject matter, installation location, or in sponsorship.

All of this boils down to myself on a personal level. I’ve always felt lost with a history of turmoil that just stops when my ancestors landed in America. We are a unique people In the world. No one else knows not from whence they came. We basically birthed a new culture and that babe was swaddled in chains.

I seek to write history for the unwritten, bring voice to the muted, and art provides that manifestation which you see throughout my body of work; the translation of my experience through explorative use of color, imagery, and application. Each project and piece has its uniqueness as a canvas, where I explore classical ideas with a modern quill, connecting history from an artistic perspective to a community otherwise not seen.

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