• Across the Clouds (detail)

    Steel drums, Aluminum cans, LED's and Plexiglass
    14" x 24" x 14"  |  2016

  • Across The Clouds

    Steel drums, Aluminum cans, LED's and Plexiglass
    6' x 18' x 2'  |  2016

  • Neve

    Mixed Media
    33" x 23"  |  2014

  • Spectrum Wind

    Plastic Cups and Conduit
    6' x 15' x 30'  |  2014

  • Are We There Yet

    5.5' x 3' x 21'  |  2014

  • Melinda

    Oil on Canvas
    20" x 16"  |  2015

  • Miss Furr

    Mixed Media
    48" x 32"  |  2015

  • Jenny

    Mixed Media
    22" x 16"  |  2014

  • Flock

    Oil on Canvas
    30" x 30"   |  2012


Nashville, TN | Painting, Sculpture, Installation

In 2006 I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a focus in Painting and Illustration. Since then I have maintained a steady studio practice, run an art handling company called Art Up Nashville, and travel the world setting up fiber optic lighting installations by artist Bruce Munro. I currently live in Nashville TN with my wonderful wife and dog.

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My work is about a creative journey and an exploration of my own personal aesthetic and how it spontaneously influences my interpretation of the world around me. Ranging from oil paintings, drawings, public art, and site specific installations my techniques are varied and whimsical. Through these multiple avenues I am always searching for the better artist within myself. This open ended journey always leads me somewhere new and uncharted, and hopefully with a plethora of exciting objects and images to show for along the way.

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