• Do I contain multitudes?

    woven fabric, house paint, joint compound, salt
    36" x 48"  |  2022

  • Recipes for Illumination 1, Saffron, detail

    woven found fabric, house paint, joint compound, salt, and saffron
    18" x 14" x 2"  |  2022

  • How could we tear ourselves apart?

    woven found fabric, drywall compound, paint rags, gem stones
    9" x 12"  |  2022

  • Intergenerational Bruise Studies: Saffron Fields

    saffron, turmeric, Cuban coffee, and oil on paper and wood panels (1/7)
    18" x 14"  |  2021


Nashville, TN | Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Drawing, Time-based, Sound, Performance, Installation

Chalet Comellas (b. Tampa, FL) lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee. Her work has been presented at numerous museums and institutions, including the Acadiana Center for the Arts, as part of P.S. Satellites: A Project of Prospect 4 New Orleans, the Albany Museum of Art, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Brevard Museum of Art, Doral Museum of Art, Tampa Museum of Art, and nationally at several university galleries. Select solo exhibitions include Terminal Gallery, C. Emerson Fine Arts, and Arrowmont School of Arts and Craft. Selected group exhibitions include the Terrain Biennial 2021, Chicago, IL; Laundromat Art Space, Miami, FL; InLight Richmond, Richmond, VA; LABSpace, Hillsdale, NY; Goodyear Arts, Charlotte, NC; EYEDRUM, Atlanta, GA; and the Miami New Media Festival, which premiered in Florida and traveled to Venezuela, Italy, Aruba, and the Netherlands. As a collaborating artist, Comellas has been invited to exhibit at Flashpoint Gallery, Washington D.C.; Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY; and Fountain Art Fair, Miami, FL. Her work is in several collections including, Soho House Nashville, Nashville, TN; Vanderbilt University Library, Nashville TN; and Colorado College Special Collections Library, Colorado Springs, CO. Selected press includes BURNAWAY, Tampa Bay Times, Orlando Sentinel, Style Weekly, Art Spiel, Nashville Scene, and Number Inc. Magazine.

Comellas currently co-directs Unrequited Leisure, an artist-run curatorial project space founded in 2019 with her artistic collaborator, Clinton Sleeper. Artists selected for solo and group exhibitions at UL explore screen-based approaches to critical and topical investigations through video, code, and net-based art.

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Comellas' studio practice reflects her personal connection to the complex histories surrounding the Latin Diaspora, exploring the intersections of art, technology, spiritual practices, and methods of abstraction. Comellas employs expanded forms of painting, sculpture, video, and sound to engage viewers visually and sonically. Through an experimental time-based framework, her projects both highlight and raise questions about our relationship to the environment and non-human systems.

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