• I can't fix your life

    Mixed media on canvas
    24 x 18  |  2016

  • Don't fly too close to the kryptonite mountains

    Acrylic on canvas
    20 x 16  |  2015

  • Are you still watching "Friends"?

    Mixed media on canvas
    10 x 8  |  2015

  • Fun death

    Acrylic on canvas
    48 x 38  |  2014

  • Curtis, king of the nuggets

    Mixed media on canvas
    30 x 24  |  2013

  • Whoa man

    Mixed media on canvas
    48 x 36  |  2014

  • Rig king

    Mixed media on canvas
    36 x 48  |  2016

  • Sometimes a woman isn't a woman

    Mixed media on canvas
    48 x 72  |  2013

  • "Tom Cruise says symmetry is for pussies"- Tom Cruise

    Acrylic on canvas
    25 x 18  |  2015

ALEXANDER PAULUS Representation Website CV

Memphis, TN | Painting, Mixed Media, Drawing

Alex Paulus is originally from southeast Missouri, but has been a resident of Memphis, TN since 2007. He received his MFA in 2009 from the Memphis College of Art and is now an Assistant Professor at Southwest Tennessee Community College. Paulus’s work has been shown in numerous galleries in Memphis, Nashville, Dallas, St. Louis, London and many others. His work has also been published in Studio Visit Magazine, Beautiful/Decay, It’s Nice That, Osso Magazine, and Glasstire. He will also be featured in the South 2017 edition of New American Paintings. Additional information and images of his work can be seen at www.alexanderpaulus.blogspot.com.

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My paintings are a representation of how ridiculous I think life can be. In some of my more recent works I’ve made fun of cheesy things, such as Tom Cruise and the show Friends. I’m bringing attention to these things because I want the viewer to think about what it is they are looking at and why anyone would make a piece of art about this specific subject matter.

I also like to include humor in the work. If my art can make people laugh and feel good, I’ve succeeded. The paintings are usually very bright and bold in color, and the subject matter can be a little bizarre. The use of brightly colored paint seems to curb some the strange imagery and make it more palatable to the viewer.

Happiness and sadness seem to appear in the pieces simultaneously. A beautiful landscape can be accompanied by a small dead body, or a fun looking roller coaster can be surrounded by a bunch of dead bodies. Death makes me sad, so I try to make it seem less depressing.

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