• Encompassed Unicursal Tercet Knot

    polymethyl methacrylate, steel
    21" square  |  2021

  • Reversed Metatronic Solid (Hexahedron)

    polymethyl methacrylate, paint, the last breath of fresh air from 2019
    6" cube  |  2021

  • Triple Knot Listing Band

    cold riveted steel (oxidized/ blued /waxed)
    32" diameter  |  2021

  • Metatronic Solid (Tetrahedron)

    wood (walnut)
    9.798" tetrahedron  |  2021

  • Collapsible Scale Listing Band (Deconstructed)

    wood (walnut), brass
    4.5" x 60"  |  2021

  • Metatronic Solid Face (Dodecahedron)

    wood (poplar, oak, Vietnamese plywood), anodized aluminum
    26" x 33"  |  2021

  • Projected Isometric Tercet Knot

    wood (cedar)
    18" square  |  2021

  • Tercet Chain Knot

    wood (walnut), copper
    22" x 24"  |  2020

  • Unicursal Pentad Knot

    wood (padauk, board from uncle Ricky's old barn, mulberry)
    16.5" square  |  2020


Knoxville, TN | Sculpture, Mixed Media, Drawing, Sound

Adam Rowe is a Knoxville native with a background in design for print and screen. He enjoys looking at art in terms of visual problem solving, with a fine arts approach to graphic design.

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Using a formalized system of knot creation, I have created knots in multiple “in-between” dimensions in three categories, each based on a partial dimension: 1) unicursal, self-contained lines which appear to overlap on two-dimensional surfaces, 2) knots on tiled surface planes of regular polyhedra, and 3) elements of non-orientable surface segments.

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