Reece Museum (ETSU) / 363 Stout Dr., Johnson City , Tn April 4 - September 30th

Kailyn Beitzel, Sam Boven, Laken Bridges, Danielle Byington, Joel Carillet, Teresa Crowe, Mary de Wit, Cristy Dunn, Richard Dwyer, Joan Elliot, Jason Flack, Brian Fletcher, Ron Fondaw, Lyn Govette, Mike Helbing, John Hilton, Beverly Thomas Jenkins, Storm Ketron, Val Lyle, Gregory Marlow, Jocelyn Mathewes, Joy Messimer, Shannon Mettler, Katie Murphy, Mary Nees, Emily Parris, Charles Peters, Marie Porterfield, Rick Ramsey, James Rathschmidt, Mark Ray, Anne Reid, Garry Renfro, Jonathan Reynolds, Thomas Root, Mike Rose, Martha Rubenstein, Debra Savell Stewart, Christy Ward, Lauren Whipple

Local Art in the Age of the 2020 Global Pandemic is an exhibition of forty works of art that were made in 2019-2020 by artists living or working in Tennessee’s First Congressional District during the early days of the pandemic experience. This special collection provides an emotive snapshot of artistic expression during the age of the novel coronavirus pandemic, and is part of the permanent collection of the Reece Museum at East Tennessee State University.

Although each of these works were created by a different artist, there are distinct themes, stylistic motifs, and colors found throughout the collection, showing an attunement that makes them feel cohesive as a whole. When submitting work, artists were asked to explain how the pandemic affected their lives and art, and how the submitted artwork relates to the pandemic and that specific moment of the artwork's creation overall.