Reece Museum (ETSU) / 363 Stout Dr., Johnson City, TN February 1 - March 26th

Rosie Adams
Wendy Blair
Jennifer Bledsoe
William Bledsoe
Meara Bridges
Art Brown
Ursula Bryant
Meranda Burd
Brynne Carlisle
Mark Compton
Natasha Conner
Victor Constantino
Jason Corn
Carrie A. Dyer
Fletcher Dyer
Amber Dawn Farley
Josh Harr
Rick Harris
Kerry Jenkins
Perry Johnson
Quanuquanei Karmue
Maja Savic Krsmanovic
Nathan Little-Warner
Angelique Lynch
Scott McCrary
Neli Ouzounova
Tony Perkins
James Price
Adam Shelton
Christina Singer
Katherine Thrower

Depth of Fields is an invitational companion exhibition in the Reece gallery adjacent to Field of Life: Monument Structures. The exhibition features artworks by thirty-one of Professor Emeritus M. Wayne Dyer’s undergraduate (BA and BFA) and graduate students (MFA) over the last thirty-seven years. Four of the alumni were Dyer’s students during his first year teaching at ETSU in 1983-84. Eighty-five artworks are on display in the gallery, including paintings, photography, digital artworks, film, animation, graphic design, package design, sculpture, ceramics, and published books.

The exhibition includes students who became college and university professors, public school teachers and administrators, professional artists, graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, photographers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and authors. These former students hail from various parts of the United States, Liberia, Serbia, and East Tennessee.