REVIVE | احیا

Fine Arts Gallery (Vanderbilt University) / 1220 21st Ave. S. January 27, 2023 - May 7, 2023

Beizar Aradini, Jasmine Baetz, Nuveen Barwari, Habiba El Sayed, Kimia Ferdowsi Kline, Laleh Mehran, Kris Rumman

Revive | احیا asked seven women connected to Middle Eastern culture to select a ceramic object in the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery collection and write a description. These essays were then given to seven Middle Eastern artists who created new works of art, based solely on the essay given to them, never seeing the object itself. This collaboration highlights how explicative language can evoke meaningful expression to render a more legitimate historical perspective and chart a course for a more inclusive future.

This exhibition is part of the Tennessee Triennial, which is centered around the concept of RE-PAIR, an intellectual and creative investigation of how objects, memories, cultures and identities can be fractured and reconstituted. Revive | احیا was curated by Raheleh Filsoofi, assistant professor in ceramics. The exhibition runs from January 27 through May 7 at the Vanderbilt University Art Gallery in Cohen Memorial Hall.

Image: Beizar Aradini, "The Offering", 2022, Tulle, cotton, thread, ink, image courtesy of the artist