Cumberland Gallery / 4107 Hillsboro Circle June 30, 2016 - July 30, 0216

Andrew Saftel
Suzanne Stryk
Gavin Zeigler
Robert Treat
Raphaelle Goethals
Cheryl Goldsleger
Warren Greene
Amanda Joy Brown
Lynda Benglis
Gerda Gruber
James Gibson
Johan Hagaman

For our second summer rotation, Cumberland Gallery focuses in on the variety and function of the medium. During the July show, viewership will be challenged and charged by art that speaks to both the visual and tactile sensibility. Take a close look at concentrated surfaces within the carved birch panels of Andy Saftel, Suzanne Stryk's altered mirrors, Gavin Zeigler's mixed media work, and encaustics by Robert Treat, Raphael Goethels, and Cheryl Goldsleger. This show highlights individualized methods that result in unique textures, like Amanda Joy Brown’s intelligent use of paint skins or Warren Greene’s process of pushing acrylic through mesh. United by surfaces that captivate the eye, this broad array of work requires careful study. Viewers are invited to visually and mentally unravel an artistic process as they experience the work.

Extending this dialogue to the 3-dimensional realm, sculptures by Lynda Benglis, Gerda Gruber, Joanne Hagaman, and Jim Gibson lend further “unexpected surfaces” to this exhibit. Figural inventors like Gibson and Hagaman find unique purposes within the materiality of their small to life-size forms. Constructions by Gruber and Benglis are linked by a playfully misleading exterior, as seen in Gruber’s porcelain brick-like fortifications and Benglis’ delicate wall pieces built out of solid copper. Sculpture within Unexpected Surfaces offers sensory fuel for thought while celebrating the mystery of materiality.

ARTIST TALK with Andrew Saftel: July 16th, 11:30am.