Fort Houston Gallery / 2020 Lindell Ave. May 6, 2017 - May 31, 2017

Courtney Asztalos
Shawne Brown
Holden Head
Matthew Jessie
Megan King
Bradley Marshall
Mike Smith
Jordan Whitten
D'Angelo Williams

Fort Houston Gallery is pleased to present a group show of photography, sculpture, and video works from nine artists, curated by Bradley Marshall. These works explore the various iterations of a human symbol, and its function and dysfunction in a contemporary setting. When taken from their original context, these Things change in their use and meaning, and may offer use a broader understanding of our visual based culture. These works explore human interaction and disconnect, and our abilities to find personal and validating experiences within the universal and the unknown. This will be the first exhibition in the newly relocated Fort Houston space and gallery, located at 2020 Lindell Ave. The opening reception will be on May 6th, from 5-8pm.