Space 204 (Vanderbilt University) / 1204 25th Avenue South January 29, 2021 - February 19, 2021

Aiden Layer

to cast a shadow considers ideas of existence and the immaterial notions of time, memory, and legacy. The nature of light and shadow become both visual language and spiritual metaphor, broadening traditional paradigms of form and meaning. Conceptually, this body of work draws inspiration from moments of transformation: the strike of lightning, the shattering of glass, the removal of a longstanding religious symbol. Through elongating these liminal moments to observe in hazy detail, this exhibition examines the shapeshifting nature of memory and explores the possibility of meaning-making that occurs when something becomes detached from its original narrative.

Aiden Layer is a Nashville-based interdisciplinary artist whose work plays with object and ritual, language and symbol, and the deconstruction of archetypal forms and meanings. He holds a B.S. in Studio Art and in Human & Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University, and is the recipient of the 2019 Margaret Stonewall Wooldridge Hamblet Award.

Artist Website: aidenlayer.com