Zeitgeist Gallery / 516 Hagan St. , Suite 100 May 7, 2016 - June 25, 2016

Phillip Andrew Lewis
Kevin Cooley

time // lines challenges the conventions of timekeeping through three interconnected sculptural, sound, and drawing-based works. Collectively, they transform the gallery into a large clock – each work focusing on a distinct scale of time – the geologic, the biologic, and the engineered. The exhibition evolves over the two month period as it generates drawings based on real-time seismic activity, promotes the growth of kudzu across a large chain-link structure, and resonates from the tones of a large chime synchronized to French Revolutionary Time*. The artists allude to the impact of invasive plants, the inaccuracy of all timepieces, and the concerns of injection induced earthquakes caused by the oil/gas industry. Ultimately, the work points to an underlying human desire to be in control.