Hutcheson Gallery (Lipscomb University) / 3714 Belmont Blvd. September 5, 2023 - September 29, 2023

Thomas Sturgill

Live in Concert is a solo show by interdisciplinary artist Thomas Sturgill built on the poignant exploration of language, interpretation, human existence, humor, collecting, death, objecthood, humor, and humor… though maybe not explicitly funny. While the show is interdisciplinary, the bulk of the work takes on the form of hand-made furniture; the objects that literally support our daily lives and often the other objects that we silently share time with. In the work, the viewer will see the artist’s response to both the embrace and the burden of family heirlooms as well as the leftovers of lives past. The exhibition investigates a life that is based on objects. As a result, the work is autobiographical in origin but fictitious in result.