Elephant Gallery / 1411 Buchanan St. July 8, 2022 - August 26, 2022

Alissa Alfonso
Alex Blau
Amelia Briggs
Paul Collins
Chalet Comellas
Jennifer Crescuillo
Brandon Donahue
Marlos E’van
Sam Fein
Jody Hays
Alex Kimball
Alex Lockwood
Ryan Mitchell
Billy Renkl
Andee Rudloff
Yanira Vissepo
Morgan Westerbeck
Ripley Whiteside
Kelly Williams
Aaron Worley
Bryan Zimmerman

An artist’s practice often generates residue beyond the final exhibited artwork, a byproduct of the studio process that isn’t intended for the gallery wall. Most often it is discarded, but sometimes these remnants remain and become cherished either for their inherent interest or as placeholders for the experiments and ideas they helped bring into existence. These are the material ghosts of our practice. Leftovers is a show of these unintended, and surprisingly beautiful marks, tools, palettes and objects.