The Browsing Room Gallery (Downtown Presbyterian Church) / 154 Rep. John Lewis Way N. August 6, 2022 - September 23, 2022

Sarah Hart Landolt, Larissa Romero

After several suggestions to paint The Enneagram, Landolt began painting the 9 interconnected personality types in January 2020. The entire painting process was based on crowdsourced data gathered via social media. She finalized the Enneagram Heart chart in April 2021. In January 2022, Pastor Larissa Romero of DPC incorporated Landolt's Enneagram paintings into an exercise to engage church leadership on a mini-retreat. She invited each person to inspect their base desires and fears, and then offered spiritual integrations of said emotions. Inspired by this meaningful exercise, artist Landolt collaborated with Pastor Romero to create this interactive, introspective Enneagram Heart exhibit.