The Arts Company / 215 5th Ave. May 4 - 23rd

Hollie Chastain, Nick DeFord, Rocky Horton, Lisa Kokin

In our ever-increasing digital world, photographs have become a part of daily life. When people are not posting their own filtered photos, they spend hours looking into the digital lives of others. But there is something special about a vintage photograph. Instead of hitting a “like,” there was a time these images were collected and assorted into albums and frames—allowing the opportunity to ponder the images’ backstories.

Using a variety of artistic techniques—collage, paint, embroidery, weaving and more—the artists featured in The Altered Image exhibition have taken the history of these vintage photographs into their own hands, altering the images to produce new narratives, new ideas and new ways of seeing. From Hollie Chastain’s “joining together” of individuals in her woven portraits and Nick DeFord’s embellished messages and masks, to Rocky Horton’s juxtaposition of historic statues with modern-day professional wrestlers and Lisa Kokin’s dissections and re-connections, these artists use their craft to create new images – forcing us to view the work in a way that was never intended when the original images were captured.