Zeitgeist Gallery / 516 Hagan St., #100 July 6 - 27th

Sai Clayton
Angus Galloway
Fuko Ito
Nazanin Moghbeli
Abraham Lara
Sebastian Lara
Jerry Bedor Phillips
Ashley Rivera
Alex Sager
Paz Suay
Lanecia Rouse Tinsley

Switchyard is a series of group shows that Zeitgeist first launched in 2002 reaching into the local independent artist community. In its first iteration, we presented work from artists who had been working hard in the independent scene, putting together consistent, contiguous bodies of work but who may be unfamiliar to many in Nashville.

Times have changed since then, and many of these artists are well-known to those outside the mainstream gallery world due to the proliferation of underground networks and more independent exhibition spaces.

What has not changed is that Nashville continues to be recognized internationally as a creative hub and the scene here is growing exponentially.

Our hope is reach as many under-heard voices as we can and introduce them to the local community and visitors, and remind all that Nashville continues to be a growing powerhouse of culture.