COOP Gallery / 507B Hagan St. July 7, 2018 - July 28, 2018

Performance lies at the heart of hierarchical knowledge exchange. Each participant enacts a role, and each enacts that role based on codified behaviors and historical precedents, expectations, social norms, respect, fear, ego, inquisitiveness, empathy, etc. Think about these roles: teacher, student, mentor, apprentice. The point is, archetypes, bottomless origin myths, precede every role-destination. This exhibition is an experiment, a mixing up of roles, a fuck-that, and an acknowledgement that you are never not collaborating. We all come together to mix energies, ideas, and materials across a plateau, one that cares nothing about or acknowledges status.

In Memphis, TN, a new artist residency has been established and it is amazing. As an also-resident at Crosstown Arts, Mike Calway-Fagen in collaboration with Provost, Utah-based artist Julian Harper, are excited to present works by dancers, composers, visual artists, film makers, and others in COOP’s dynamic space as part of StudentTeacher.