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Stacy Widelitz

Stacy Widelitz may be best known for his award-winning music career, but his love of photography has led him into the “second act” of his creative life. Widelitz was always an avid travel photographer - buildings, landscapes, historical sites, etc. In the fall of 2015, he bought a new, higher quality camera for a trip to Tuscany. On this trip, Widelitz became fascinated with the faces he encountered on the streets and in the cafés, and started photographing them in black and white. Always a fan of film noir, as well as classic black and white street photography, he discovered that those influences were coming out in the photos he was taking. Surprised that he seemed to be able to capture an emotional moment with his camera, Widelitz realized that he had spent his whole life capturing emotional moments through music. He decided that this type of photography was another important form of expression for him.