Julia Martin Gallery / 44 Humphreys St. February 20 - March 31st

Elizabeth Williams, Merrilee Challiss, Pam Marlene Taylor, Beizar Aradini, Louisa Glenn, Amelia Briggs, Brooke Gillon, Delia Seigenthaler, Ash Atterberry, Becca Jane Koehler, Megan Curtin, Brooke Bernard, Jennifer Ward, Alex Blau, Anna McKeown, Virginia Griswold, Lindsy Davis, Julia Martin, Blythe Colvin, Rachel Briggs

Somewhere in the neighborhood of ten years ago, my friend Kim Green introduced me to a tiny Cambodian woman named Chantha Nguon, whose life has been anything but small. In the years since, I’ve had the privilege of listening to her stories, eating her food, and starting my own collection of Mekong Blue silk goods made by the women of Stung Treng - whose stories ignited a deep desire to do more. As talk of a memoir became reality, I fantasized about using JMG’s platform for the very exhibition I announce to you now.

Slow Noodles, a memoir co written by Chantha Nguon & Kim Green is an incredibly "harrowing, wise and fiercely feminist memoir" -Maggie Smith scheduled to be released to the world on February 20th, 2024.

In celebration of this momentous launch, Julia Martin Gallery has invited 20 female artists to explore and pay tribute to the many ways in which Chantha Nguon has changed and uplifted the lives of Cambodian Women, beginning with her own. Each artist is working, some with actual Mekong silks, to bring their own unique perspectives and visual dialogue to these stories.

Chantha and her daughter Clara Kim who has been an integral part of so much - including recording the audiobook of her mother’s memoir in London two weeks ago - will both be in attendance. Parnasus Books will join us with fresh copies ready for signing and Chef Molly Martin will be whipping up some Slow Noodles inspired nibbles.

30% of all proceeds will go to the Stung Treng Women’s Center in Cambodia, 30% to the individual artists, and 30% to cover event and exhibition costs