Modfellows Art Gallery - WeHo / 507 Hagan St., Studio B November 5 - 26th

Modfellows Art Gallery - WeHo presents Senza Nome, a group exhibition with unique parameters. Senza Nome, which means “nameless” in Italian, will differ from a traditional exhibition in three primary ways: first, all pieces will be displayed anonymously; second, all pieces will be done on identical 12”x12”x1.5” wooden panels that have been provided to each artist; and third, all pieces will be sold for the same price.

Artists’ reputations, CVs, past sale prices, and other factors not directly related to a given artwork are often primary drivers for purchasing decisions in the art world. In Senza Nome, we attempt to circumvent these practices by anonymizing the works and making both the canvases and prices of all pieces uniform. The exhibit enables viewers to ignore external factors and, instead, focus their attention solely on the­­­ artwork.

Although all pieces will be completed on identical panels, the styles, mediums, and techniques of the anonymous group of artists vary greatly. The artist behind each piece will only be revealed to its respective buyer after the conclusion of the show. We invite you to join us for this unique show and to enjoy art without superfluities.