Tinney Contemporary / 237 5th Ave North. March 3, 2021 - April 10, 2021

Scott Andresen

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present Beyond Repair, Scott Andresen’s debut solo exhibition in Nashville, Tennessee. Andresen’s material-driven work hovers between two-dimensional abstraction and physical representation, where each piece goes through separate phases of construction, destruction, and reparation. These new works represent a shift in stylistic approach for Andresen, but they continue to focus on what he calls the “art of repair.” This thematic sensitivity became central to his work when he was involved in a life-altering accident more than a decade ago. From this trauma, he chose to draw inspiration and applied his healing process to his art practice.

In Beyond Repair, Andresen composes colorful hand-dyed veils of the lightest and most fragile silk available in what feels like a freeze-frame of motion atop muted expanses of canvas. At first glance, the fabric almost appears like large brush strokes and at times suggests contorted figures. Inspired by various textile mending techniques found across the globe, Andresen carefully stitches metallic thread in intricate patterns between the voids of torn silk. In doing so, he features the fracture, as opposed to concealing it. He acknowledges its history, as opposed to erasing it. A conversation between fragility and resilience initiates in each snapshot of movement Andressen captures in these pieces.

Typically, when one says something is beyond repair, it means it is not worth the while to try to fix it. With this title, Andresen hopes not to reference the futility of the action. His focus is on when the healing is complete, evident, and definitive. In his first curatorial effort with Tinney Contemporary, gallery manager Joshua Edward Bennett presents Scott Andresen's work in an appropriate time of anticipated restoration and hopeful unity.

Beyond Repair opens on Wednesday, March 3, 2021, and will be on view through Saturday, April 10, 2021. The gallery is currently open by appointment only. Make an appointment by emailing info@tinneycontemporary or by calling 615-255-7816. Following municipal COVID-19 guidelines, Tinney Contemporary requires all visitors to wear a mask for the entirety of their visit.