Unrequited Leisure / 507 Hagan St. February 5, 2022 - March 5, 2022

Riv (River Curry)

Artist Statement:

“Perpetual Gender Expansion is a painting of several Beings exploring and wandering around a Trans Pride flag. The design riffs on the original design of the flag, using its symmetry to set a dynamic scene. Two Beings meet in the middle sharing the joy that is the spiral of life and the perpetual expansion of self. I hope one day we look back at this time-period with the same curiosity we do old smile-less Victorian photographs. Where our terms for gender are known to be us standing still just long enough to be remembered in a future time. I hope today you can take a moment to consider the fluidity of your own gender and the fluidity of oneself.”

About the Artist:

Riv (River Curry) was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area. They studied Art at Florida State University and Design / Build Architecture in the University of Utah’s DesignBuildBLUFF Program. They currently work in the field of Letterpress and Printmaking and in their spare time, they perform as a Drag King and hangout with their dog, Zero and cat, Hiccup.