Julia Martin Gallery / 444 Humphreys St. August 10 - 31st

Brett Douglas Hunter
Scott T. Anderson
John Brooks
Cierra Evans
Catherine Irwin
Richard Peyton
Letitia Quesenberry
Elsa Hansen Oldham
Nick Woods
Wendy Walker Silverman
Sabrina Rush
Elizabeth Williams
Kevin Reilly
Julia Martin

Brett Eugene Ralph has long hosted monochromatic exhibitions in the gallery at Surface Noise - his much beloved record shop and venue in Louisville, KY. The only prerequisite being that each individual work contain some version of the crowned color. I love the simplicity in this curatorial approach. Brett was a dear friend to my friend, David Berman. We spoke in passing a number of times about the possibility of collaborating. Here, five years after David's passing, it feels only right that the fruition of our first collaboration be colored by our mutual love of David and his last record, Purple Mountains. We chose purple as the chromatic thread to bind this selection of works from a truly phenomenal stable of artists.