E. Bronson Ingram Studio Arts Center (Vanderbilt University) / 1204 25th Avenue S. January 18 - February 10th

Rebecca Arp

Rebecca Arp (she/her) is a lesbian interdisciplinary artist concerned with emotion, memory, ritual, and spirituality seen through the lens of her experiences as a queer woman raised in the rural Midwest. She often uses materials and motifs associated with the family, the home, and the church—as well as barriers and filters to participation and acceptance in those structures. Arp is interested in constructing compositions that invert the traditionally hard and soft; exploring the nuances of interpersonal relationships and the relationship with the self; and capturing the personal quotidian with sincerity that lends to broad applications. She works in sculpture, video, stained glass, painting, and works on paper.

Rebecca Arp ('97) received her BA in Studio Art from Vanderbilt University (2020) where she was awarded the Margaret Stonewall Wooldridge Hamblet Award Grant. This grant provides funds for international travel and research culminating in a solo exhibition at Vanderbilt University in January 2022. Recently, Arp was an Artist-In-Residence at Das Institut Für alles Mögliche and Officina in Berlin, Germany. She currently lives and works in Columbus, Ohio.