Aaron Douglas Gallery (Fisk University) / 1000 17th Ave. N., 3rd Floor of the John Hope and Aurelia Franklin Library October 5, 2017 - January 4, 2018

Prentiss Taylor

Prentiss Taylor Lithographs: Shifting Viewpoints features the lithographs of Prentiss Taylor from the Fisk University collection, displaying the artist’s innovative approach to lithography and his mastery of the medium. Taylor rejects the notion that a whole scene is fixed and comprehended at once, instead emphasizing the roving nature of the human eye and the mobile, drifting mind of the observer. In addition to exploring the sense of a shifting viewpoint that often occurs within the artist’s compositions, this exhibition suggests the continually alternating viewpoints or ideas within Taylor’s mind through an examination of his works alongside one another. Taylor explores his broad-ranging interests and passions through the medium of lithography, finding subject matter through his love for travel, nature, architecture, sculpture, music, and social justice.