Electric Shed / 254 Morton Ave. September 21, 2019 - September 22, 2019

Megan White

Electric Shed Presents

Paintings From A Room

The Electric Shed is happy to show a group of new paintings by Megan White. White takes her subject matter from her domestic surroundings. Skillfully and carefully observed, her paintings remind me of something the critic and painter, Fairfield Porter, wrote: "Love is paying attention.” Sensitive to the nuances of her subject, one series meditates on the qualities of light falling on a curtain. White uses the curtain as a vehicle for studying how time and light are connected. She takes different approaches to capturing the mood and form, sometimes using thin airy washes that fill the curtain full of space, and sometimes dense, dark forms that mold it into something concrete and heavy. The light can reveal the material of the curtain or cause it to nearly disappear in soft shade. 

In another series she focuses on insects, zooming in on one single, small bug. By confining her compositions to such minutia even the thin, tiny line of an antae becomes a dramatic incident. I sometimes get the impression that these paintings approach the limits of naked vision, as if taking one step closer would blur her vision and open us up into an endless, murky expanse.  

-Matt Christy