Tinney Contemporary / 237 Rep John Lewis Way N. March 2 - 30th

Nick Fagan

Tinney Contemporary is proud to present Sheet Ghost, an exhibition featuring works by Nick Fagan. The exhibition will be on display March 2, 2024 through March 30, 2024. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, March 2nd from 2—8 PM in conjunction with the First Saturday Art Crawl.

Fagan’s multidisciplinary approach engages with language, masculinity, and spirituality by repurposing found material. Coming to assemblage and sculptural installations by way of his background in drawing, Fagan approaches form systematically, resulting in a symbolic web that stretches across the work.

Colorful repurposed crochet and salvaged moving blankets wrap shaped panels in graphic patterns. The initial cacophony of color, shape, and texture slowly reveals itself under closer scrutiny: a salvaged army bag, second-hand, homemade crochet blankets—items with lost and implied histories—are remixed, alongside what the artist aptly describes as “flaccid” sculptural forms.

With a sense of play which manages both irony and optimism, Fagan loots the fragile fabric of American identity. Kitsch subsumes traditional masculinity, the sacred is interwoven with commonplace, labor and leisure are enmeshed. Here, the historical meanings of symbols aren’t forsaken but reanimated—freed from rigid and predetermined systems of meaning and alive with possibility.