The Red Arrow Gallery / 919 Gallatin Ave., #4 April 9, 2016 - May 8, 2016

Lindsy Davis

Lindsy Davis (Statement 2016)

Perception of space is an inherent aspect of human experience. Subtle tonal shifts in shape and gesture yield the most rudimentary necessities of “perceived” space. It is through negative space that one can use individual perception to see the positive space.

Why is it that, whatever the darkest black is adjacent to will be perceived as the lightest white? How is it that, a shape can push and pull space on a flat surface? The human eye has a way of filling in the voids. It puts the puzzle pieces together in a way that makes logical sense. This series is meant to challenge its viewers by questioning individual perception. What urge in the human experience mandates this “fill in the gap” idea? Where in our own individual perception does this need for closure come from? Human experience still relies on a basic primal instinct to light the dark. It is a basic survival instinct I want to use in such a way that forces one’s own subjective perception of space to “fill in the gap” and create a space to one’s own ideals. I have boiled it down to raw shape, line, gesture, and tone. Minimally rendered to initiate only space. The eye will do the rest.