Nashville Walls Project May 1, 2016 - June 1, 2016

Niels 'Shoe' Muelman
Adele Renault
Augustine Kofie
Logan Hicks
Ben Eine
Banksy (prints)
Mario Martinez
Doze Green
Jet Martinez
Lauren Napolitano
Casey Gray
Mike Shine

Gibson Custom Division and Nashville Walls Project will bring 6 International Street Artists to paint walls. Initially producing 6 large scale murals around the downtown arts district, it is the first ever street art “mural project” in Nashville, TN. The first group of artists arrived May 1st. During the first week of May, Herakut, Rone, Adele Renault, and Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman painted multiple large scale murals on the parking garage at 298 5th Ave North, and the Cornerstone building at 530 Church Street. Mario Martinez, Curiot, Mike Shine, Above, and Hush will make up the second group of artists, and will arrive at the beginning of June. Several community events scheduled around the mural projects with local schools and local artists. Galleries will also be exhibiting international street artists in conjunction with Nashville Walls Project. The first exhibition, at Tinney Contemporary, is open through the entire month of May, and features Banksy’s famous Haight Street Rat. During the month of June, Tinney Contemporary will exhibit a new group of artists, and Rymer Gallery will also be exhibiting street artists from San Francisco alongside pieces by local street artists. We want to help make Nashville one of the top “visual arts” cities in the Southeastern United States. The project is also designed to inspire local students and artists to learn and produce “street art.” Nashville Walls Project is sponsored and made possible by Gibson Custom Division.