Modfellows Art Gallery - WeHo / 507 Hagan St., , Studio B October 1, 2022 - October 29, 2022

Mason Peters

Returning to Modfellows - WeHo with his first solo exhibition, Mason Peters brings us a collection of elaborate works on scratchboard. Influenced by automatic thought and music, Peters uses scratchboard to captivate funky, playful, surrealist scenes that display motion and the flow of emotion. His pieces are intricate, multi-faceted, and overwhelming in the best possible way. They transport you into a wonderful world of chaos and allow you to dive deep into the artist’s psyche.

Scratchboards are an unforgiving medium that many artists choose to avoid, but not Peters. He uses the permanence of line in a provoking way, displaying the high contrast of these black and white works of art.

Mason Peters is a self-taught artist from Seattle, currently residing in Nashville. He has developed his style and expertise through dedication to his craft and consistency of production. Peter has shown his work at the Modfellows Art for the Naughty or Nice exhibitions in the past, and we are thrilled to welcome him again for his first solo exhibition.