Modfellows Art Gallery - WeHo / 507 Hagan St. May 7 - 28th

Meg Pie Pollard

Meg Pollard’s illustrative paintings depict the way she sees the world- In swirls of vibrant color. “I’m not trying to make a swirl flow in any certain direction because it already knows where it’s supposed to go. I used to see them all the time as a child when I’d close my eyes while my mom washed my hair. I didn’t know what they were until I was drawing them one day and realized where I had seen them before.”

Meg paints with an unbridled passion that captures her love for her friends, family, and city. Inspired by 90s cartoons, female rappers, jazz musicians, and her community, she paints her subjects with bold expressions and hard edges. Pollard’s characters are inspired by the urban culture that surrounds her. A Tennessee native, she lives and works in Nashville. Meg works in both digital media and acrylic paint. She has completed many public mural works in the city, including one at Fido, The Trenches, and another at the WeGo bus terminal. With several public and private commissions in the works, we are honored and lucky to have her showing with us.

Meg will be exhibiting both her trademark swirl paintings and her illustrative character portraits in A Piece of Pie. The opening reception will be held on May 7th from 6-9pm at Modfellows WeHo.