Unrequited Leisure / 507 Hagan St. February 5, 2022 - March 31, 2022

Mary Addison Hackett

Unrequited Leisure is excited to announce the opening of Anonymous was a Vlog, a solo exhibition of screen-based works by Mary Addison Hackett. The series title is in reference to a quote by Virginia Wolf in her essay, A Room of One’s Own: “For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.”

This exhibition features 21 episodes that run on a monitor within the space on constant loop. Each vignette ranging in length from 40 seconds to 4 minutes. This episodic performance project was inspired by the history of the female pioneer and the modern-day homesteader. These short vignettes are constructed around the everywoman persona of a woman artist at mid-life, who, through a cam-girl dialogue of fast-paced jump cuts, discusses situations, personal and universal, while creating a life in the Mojave Desert. The project was first screened in the open desert, inside a DIY screening hut created out of found materials.

As part of her solo exhibition, Anonymous was a Vlog and to kick off Women’s History Month, Mary Addison Hackett has designed a flag especially for the AIR_(space) Project at UL.