Tinney Contemporary / 237 Rep John Lewis Way N. January 6 - February 17th

Madiha Siraj

Tinney Contemporary is proud to present Bridging the Infinite, an exhibition featuring works by Madiha Siraj. The exhibition will be on display January 6, 2024 through February 17th, 2024. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, January 6th from 2-8 PM in conjunction with the First Saturday Art Crawl.

Madiha Siraj engages with the constraints of non-representation traditionally adhered to by Islamic artists, creating intricately-patterned circular works which gesture towards the divine. Using polymer clay, Siraj constructs and then paints thousands of small floral forms, adhering them to circular panels in geometric patterns and shimmering gradients.
Siraj 's work is a conscious evasion of the "cult of the artist," which enshrined every gesture of the mid-century abstract giants in the art-historical canon. Instead, Siraj employs a geometric process which forgoes ego. The artist engages with a lineage of Muslim artists who employed mathematical, geometric compositions that would allow other artists to replicate their patterns, or to carry on work after the death of an individual artist.

The notion of infinity is implied across several aspects of Siraj 's work: in the potentiality of an ever-expanding pattern, in the gestalt whole formed by innumerable tiny clay pieces, in her use of circles-a line with no end point as well as an earthly reflection of a divine ideal.