The Carl Van Vechten Gallery (Fisk University) / 1000 17th Ave. N. April 6, 2017 - September 1, 2017

Lou Outlaw

"My passion for taking and viewing photographs began while a kid growing up in Starkville, Mississippi. The influence, I’m convinced, came from a maternal uncle who was always snapping pictures of family and friends at all gatherings ... I love, love making, and printing, pictures…Primarily of people. Candids are my favorite along with social documentary photography, though I’m moved by certain landscapes, structures, other things that strike my aesthetic fancy. In my working life I’m a university professor (of Philosophy and of African American Studies). Otherwise, in addition to being a husband, father, friend, and somewhat engaged citizen, I’m a picture-maker, also a picture-taker, now very much identified in my social (and some professional academic) circles as a serious non-professional photographer. When I’m done with full-time academic work, I’ll be making and taking pictures full-time until I can’t raise the camera anymore and can’t manipulate the computer and printer…" - Lou Outlaw