Marnie Sheridan Gallery (Harpeth Hall) / 3801 Hobbs Rd. November 3, 2022 - April 3, 2023

Morgan Ogilvie

Often pairing visually articulate brushwork with unexpected scale and uncomfortable cropping, Morgan Ogilvie culls from fictional and historical sources, including Martha Mitchell, a socialite turned Watergate whistleblower, Mary Mallon who became known as "Typhoid Mary," and a Columbo episode starring late actress Suzanne Pleshette.

By insistently presenting archetypal so-called “unreliable” or “histrionic” female narrators, she renders their crisis points, not to rescue them, but to force the audience to ponder the vulnerable position of these women. Lost in the Funhouse, depicts a young Mia Farrow and invites the viewer to radically empathize with this iconic anti-heroine: casting her as a perfect muse for this post-pandemic moment, a twilight where distinctions between fact and fiction may have forever faded.

(accessible from the Esteswood Road entrance)