Fort Houston / 2020 Lindell Ave. March 2, 2019 - March 31, 2019

Lindsy Davis

Lindsy works with negative space and the eye’s perception of depth. Using line, gesture, varying tonal shifts and finishes she pushes the psychological theory of Gestaltism. Through spacial compositions that challenge what the eye perceives as there vs what is actually there she forces the viewer to challenge their own idea of what they are looking at through varying finishes that are only seen through physical movement, ultimately making them aware of the space their body occupies.

Utilizing this practice through long term series spanning over 5 years, Lindsy has slowly boiled down the excess of a drawing or painting to reveal what is necessary for the eye to perceive a space on a flat surface within a space. By challenging the viewers perception of depth, she elongates the time it takes for the eye to see and the brain to tell you what you are looking at.

The works in Lindsy’s upcoming solo show at Fort Houston are her resurgence back into large scale pieces.