Channel to Channel / 507 Hagan St. December 4, 2021 - December 18, 2021

Kayla Rumpp

Channel To Channel presents Soma, a solo show featuring the work of Kayla Rumpp.

Since her last solo exhibition at Channel to Channel in July of 2020, she has been creating a new series of highly anticipated work. As the title suggests, the painted sculptures in this series are all entirely unique individuals that come together in this space to form a new body of work. Like each discrete cell in a body holding a separate yet significant function, each painted sculpture is entirely independent but dependent on the others to serve as a whole.

Kayla Rumpp is a painter, sculptor, and educator from Tennessee currently residing in Iowa City, IA while she pursues her MFA. Her work explores an interaction between color, form, and light, where shape informs color, and color informs light. Structures are often born through play and physical manipulation, and conceived through a fascination with childlike ways of making and seeing. Building blocks and popsicle sticks are often used or reimagined in the work to simulate the act of child's play and game-like manipulation. Vibrancy and value are explored through gradients and expanded by the abatement of shadows. This allows the work to exist in a transitory place where values fluctuate through different installations. Subtleties in color shifts also create a visual game that can be played through time spent investigating the pieces.

We will be closed for the week of Christmas, December 25th, and indefinitely after that. From January onward, Channel to Channel's home base will be in Chattanooga.