Julia Martin Gallery / 444 Humphreys St. February 1, 2020 - March 31, 2020

Julia Martin, Levi Christiansen

2019 was a year of setting boundaries. 2020 begins with a newfound determination to end unhealthy cycles by untangling the traumas they are rooted in. Embarking upon this shadow work has me looking over this body of work and feeling a little baffled. A dear friend and fellow artist mentioned this Latin term as a possible title, as what little I was coming up with on my own felt inadequate - like one piece of a jigsaw puzzle. In Medias Res, Latin for “in the midst of things”, is the practice of beginning an epic or other narrative by plunging into a crucial situation that is part of a related chain of events; the situation is an extension of previous events and will be developed in later action. This is in essence my world view at the moment, and one of my many lessons in action. Its okay to ask for help. Its okay to not know. For many reasons, this work feels all over the place. You may see it and make perfect sense of it all. For now, I claim In Medias Res

One aspect of the work I am particularly excited about is my collaboration with Levi Christiansen. He opened up his studio to me, I brought the stuffed animals and paint. The rest is history...