Julia Martin Gallery / 444 Humphreys St. October 5, 2019 - November 30, 2019

Jon Langford, Wayne White 

JMG is pleased to welcome guest curator Daniel Lonow who has united two celebrated creatives to highlight their shared affinity for making fine art works in tribute to musical legends - many of which include Nashville’s most iconic country stars. Jon Langford and Wayne White, independently of one another, have long captured Music City’s most prolific musicians through painting, drawing and mixed media with a similar sentiment yet unique style. From Hank Williams and George Jones to Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn, Langford and White portray the country music legends, whose voices and personas defined a genre and era of entertainment that made Nashville, Tennessee the internationally beloved “Music City.”

Jon and Wayne are working to preserve these artists' legacy, by bringing it to a medium not often associated with country music, fine art. The goal of this exhibit is to honor the heroes who made this city what it is, by showing the work of two of my favorite artists.

-Curator, Daniel Lonow.

Bacon Grease & the Lost Song will feature approximately 30 works for sale ranging from pencil sketches and pastel drawings to acrylic paintings. Wayne and Mimi will be in attendance for the October 5th reception. Jon Langford will attend the following month's November 8th reception and will grace us with a live performance along with Mr. Paul Burch.